Unaccompanied minors

We consider the safe transportation of children who travel unaccompanied by adults to be a high priority.

General Information

  • Airport ground personnel and/or authorized escort will deliver and introduce the unaccompanied minor (UMNR) travelers to flight attendants for the originating flight and/or connecting flight.
  • UMNR travelers will be delivered to the receiving parent or guardian by a flight attendant or authorized escort at the destination airport. The Individual designated to pick up the child will be required to provide Identification and a signature prior to release. UMNR travelers will not be released to any individual not specified on UMNR paperwork by the parent or guardian at check-in.

The travel documentation pouch is to remain with the UMNP and 0e visible at all times.

NOTE: Airport ground personnel or authorized escorts and flight attendants may be assisting more than one UMNR at a time. If the UMNR is making a connection, authorized escorts are responsible for assisting the UMNR with the connection. Depending upon the connection city, this may require the UMNR to be transported by electric call at which point the drives is the authorized escorts. In addition, selected cities provide a holding room for the UMNR Travelers. However, use of the room may depend upon the connecting time as well as the distance between the gates. Generally, UMNR travelers are taken to the holding room if connection is over one hour.

Acceptance Policy

  • Children five (5) years or older may travel unaccompanied on flights that do not change aircraft.
  • Children must be eight (8) through fourteen (14) years old to travel unaccompanied on connecting flights.
  • Reservations must be confirmed to the final destination and may not include a connection to the last flight of the day to the specified destination.
  • Children fifteen (15) through seventeen (17) years old are considered young adults and are not required to use the UMNR service. However, the UMNR service is available to them upon request and under the same provisions.
  • Connections to flights of other carriers are permitted only when allowed by the rules of the connecting carrier.
  • A fee will be assessed for each individual UMNR for providing UMNR service. UMNR children from the same family traveling on the same (flights will be assessed a single fee depending on the specific airline you have booked the UMNR travel with.

NOTE: All children age five (5) through fourteen (14) who travel unaccompanied are required to use the UMNR service.

  • Early check-in at the ticket counter is encouraged in order to complete the required UMNR paperwork prior to boarding (e.g., normal check-in: Domestic – 1 hour prior to departure, International - 2 hours).
  • The parent/guardian dropping off the child must provide the ticket counter agent with their name, address, home and business telephone number. The same information must be provided at check-in for the receiving parent/guardian.
  • The parent/guardian dropping off the UMNR must remain until the child has boarded and the aircraft has departed the gate. Also, the parent/guardian designated to pick up the UMNR should be waiting at the destination (Arrival Gate/Ticket Counter/International Arrival Area) at the scheduled arrival time.
  • Acceptance policies may change. Contact Carrier to confirm current policies.

Please advise your child to follow uniformed Airlines crew member, agent or authorized airport escort personnel instructions only.

We suggest that you provide your child with their favorite toys, books, and/or snacks within lightweight carry-on luggage to occupy their time in flight.

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