Terms and Conditions

Passengers booking flight tickets with cheapticketsdeal.com are subject to the following term and conditions:

  1. All tickets booked through cheapticketsdeal.com are non-refundable if the ticket is cancelled after 24 hours from the time of booking.
  2. Passengers are required to check-in within 24 hours prior to the departure time.
  3. Service fees for bags, pets and unaccompanied minor can be paid at the Airport.
  4. To select a specific seat on the flight, a $15 (USD) fee will be applied to the price of the ticket.
  5. Exchange fees are at $200 (USD) for domestic flights and $300 (USD) for international flights plus any fare difference.
  6. Passengers are required to ensure that their billing phone number is identical with the phone number submitted to the bank of the credit card used to make payments.
  7. Credit/Debit card charges may vary when using an international Credit/Debit card.
  8. Soon after booking tickets passengers are required to provide scan copies of the credit card used (covering the first 12 digits) and Photo ID matching the name on the credit card for security purpose. These documents are to be sent to support@cheapticketsdeal.com. Failure to provide these documents within 2 hours of the time of booking, the booking will be cancelled automatically.
  9. Soon after booking tickets passenger needs to provide Card copy along with Photo ID of the card holder because of security purpose. If we don't get these documents within 2 hours of booking time then your booking will get canceled automatically if you have any questions regarding this then kindly call and check @ 1-800-547-0086.

If you have any questions regarding the above terms and conditions, call 1-800-547-0086.


CHEAPTICKETSDEAL.COM is a self reliant online travel agency that is not directly linked with any hotel chain, car rental, insurance companies, leisure service and airlines. We do not manage or own any kind of travel services. We do not declare that we are airlines or associated with them directly. We make reservations using aggregators of airlines, hotels and other travel services. These aggregators may be referred to as travel Consolidators or suppliers. Entire branding is authentic and it is for expressive purposes only and does not signify a partnership with airlines or hotel chain. By using and by accessing our services at www.CHEAPTICKETSDEAL.com, We do not hold liability for any direct or indirect loss, however arising, from the use of any information, offers, products, materials or links to others sites found on this website. Call for further queries: 1800-547-0086 English or email us at support@cheapticketsdeal.com.

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